Monday, 28 November 2011

Top 5 Tips When Buying a Laptop

When buying a laptop, people may have different preferences. Some might go for a good looking laptop, some might want better performance of their laptop, or some might just want a cheaper laptop. 
Today, I’m going to give you my own tips and things that I looked for when I bought myself a laptop.

1.       Look for the Weight and Size of the laptop
Since you’ll have to keep the laptop every time with you where ever you go, the size and weight of the laptop are very important factors that you’ll have to consider at first. Make sure the screen size and weight of your laptop is such that you have no problem in keeping your laptop outside with you. The laptop size that I prefer is around 13-16 inch. And the weight of my laptop (which I really don’t have any problem keeping with myself outside) is 3lbs.

2.       You want Performance-obviously
Your laptop must be good enough to perform well and it should have those good features like sufficient cache, RAM, etc. You can choose manufacturers like Intel and AMD. Another good tip is to always go for laptop having something called “Dual Core Processors”.  These laptops are faster than the traditional laptops having Single core processors.

3.       Now for the Operating System (OS)
Usually laptops have Microsoft Windows 7 pre installed these days. You may find some where written “32 bit version” and “64 bit version”. That’s the amount the data is divided into to get processed inside the laptop. A 64 bit version will allow your data to be divided into bigger chunks than 32 bit version. Today, the performance of a laptop may not depend on the version, but in future, it may depend because a lot of soft wares these days are taking advantage of the 64 bit version technology.

4.       Cost
Another important factor in buying a laptop is its cost. An important tip would be to keep in mind the range of price (maximum and minimum) you can pay for your laptop and decide the one which fits in this range. Usually laptops range from $400-$4000 depending on the configuration. However, there are many laptops you’ll get within the range of $600-$900.

5.       Battery life
Good laptop doesn’t always have good battery life. A tip to keep in mind when buying a laptop is to always try getting as much information as possible about how many hours the battery of your laptop will last. Typical battery time is 3-5 hours at each battery charge. However, there are some extended batteries available in the market, making your laptop’s battery last up to twice as long as the standard battery.
But, extended battery will make your laptop’s size and weight increased. So be careful while buying a laptop. Obviously, you’ll be running your stuff on battery and if the battery has some thing wrong with it, your laptop will be nearly of no use.

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